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Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment
We support our communities by creating sustainable social, environmental, and economic value for all of our stakeholders.

Hunter Oil is a resource company with a difference. We are passionately committed to safe and responsible exploration and development practices—and this commitment, in turn, brings increased value to our shareholders, as we continually expand our production and reserves. At every level of our company, and in every decision, we bring a sure hand to the tiller, preserving cash flow through thoughtful and efficient execution of our operations.

We are an oil company that respects the earth from which we recover our product, and our development strategy reflects a deep environmental and community awareness. We utilize, wherever possible, half-century old existing wells, thereby minimizing the surface impact of our work. In fact, we are exploring partnerships with national wildlife refuges near our sites that would enable us to drill horizontally underground and access oil in formations there, in turn providing funds for the improvement and maintenance of the conservation work on the surface. Horizontal drilling using existing wells is a remarkably clean and sustainable method of oil development, and we have a vital and ongoing program of site reclamation.

Safety, for us, means nothing less than a 100% accident-free environment. Our operations personnel complete a full spectrum of health and safety training, and this standard extends to our contractors as we seek to build strong and cooperative ongoing relationships that put best practices into play.

Our mission is to bring environmental, social, and economic value to all our stakeholders.




Hunter Oil intends to seek to locate, evaluate and where advisable negotiate to acquire interests in oil and gas properties for exploration, development and production.